We dogs actively enjoy art and culture, when we get to join in with our human pals. In fact, we may do almost anything to play the role of creative muse. Just take a look at the Wegman Weimaraners — some wild outfits they wear!

“Welcome to Wegman’s Wild World of Weimaraners, where dogs bake cakes and lounge like royalty. Known to the world as the “dog photographer,” William Wegman has spent the past 45 years dressing and posing his canine muses in elaborate ensembles, finding whimsy in the absurd. His work is at measures droll and enchanting, evoking awe in audiences around the world. And, his pups have had their share of the limelight, making appearances on everything from Saturday Night Live and Sesame Street, to movies and galleries worldwide.” ~ Great Big Story

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