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Ancient Greeks: Plutarch on Liberties of the People

Ancient Greeks: Plutarch on Liberties of the People

The real destroyer of the liberties of the people
is he who spreads among them
bounties, donations and benefits.

~ Plutarch

Plutarch, (born c. 45-50 bce—died c. 120-125 bce), was a Greek writer and philosopher. A prodigious and hugely influential writer, he is now most famous for his biographical works in his Parallel Lives which present an entertaining history of some of the most significant figures from antiquity.” ~ Ancient History Encyclopedia

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Human nature has not changed over the millennia.

Conservative legislators might consider minimum wage increases and social programs as pandering for votes (by the opposition). But you can’t categorize just earnings and value for tax dollars as give-aways. As Plutarch also noted, too much inequality will take down a republic.

The question is, do we learn from history?

Ancient Greek Wisdom  


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  1. John Fioravanti

    I think we are learning from history – but we are still struggling with the same flawed human nature that created the horrific events of the past. I also think that this medium will enhance the process of ‘learning from history.’

  2. hughcurtler

    The answers a resounding “NO”!!


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