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Most Popular Puplitician Bernie Sanders Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Bernie Sanders is our favorite puplitician. Bernie is for everyone, from underdogs to top dogs (if they don’t steal all the balls). Happily, we had a chance to see Bernie this Thanksgiving. He visited through the monitor screen, and was wearing a sweater — like the one I wear sometimes! (Mine’s black, suitable for the shimmering white Alpha Bichon. But… now I like gray sweaters.)

Bernie wishes the whole country a wonderful Thanksgiving and reminds us to be grateful for generosity and love.

Treats do not transfer through electronics. If they did, I know Bernie would hand them out, with friendly pats, to every dog in the world — and thank us for the excellent job we do. After all, we canines work day and night — to dispense love generously!

“On behalf of Jane, my four kids, seven grandchildren and myself, I wish everyone [especially dogs (author’s note)] a very happy Thanksgiving. This has been a tough year, but we can move forward as a country in a direction based on generosity and love.” ~ Bernie Sanders

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My name is Chester. I’m the lead character in The Chester Chronicles. I also “chronicle” real news from the canine perspective on my blog — no corporate treats accepted!


  1. usfman

    Happy Thanksgiving JoAnn. I give thanks today for having the will to pursue the fulfillment of many of the progressives causes that Bernie represents little by little.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      I, in turn, am thankful for your progressive will. Happy belated Thanksgiving, James!

  2. swo8

    Happy Thanksgiving JoAnn.

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Thanks, Leslie! Off to my feast shortly. Am taking the green salad. (Impossible to burn!) ‘Like’ button is back. 🙂

      • swo8

        Thanks JoAnn. Enjoy you celebration.

  3. Animalista Untamed

    Happy Thanksgiving Chester! Wishing you lots of fabulous treats. Your pup-in-arms (or is that legs?) Archie the fox terrier x

    • JoAnn Chateau

      Thanks, Archie! (vigorous tail wag) I’ll slurp the brown gravy (made with delicious fermented soy sauce and NO giblets) for both of us. Please give my regards to Jeremy. ~ Chester


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