Bernie Sanders is our favorite puplitician. Bernie is for everyone, from underdogs to top dogs (if they don’t steal all the balls). Happily, we had a chance to see Bernie this Thanksgiving. He visited through the monitor screen, and was wearing a sweater — like the one I wear sometimes! (Mine’s black, suitable for the shimmering white Alpha Bichon. But… now I like gray sweaters.)

Bernie wishes the whole country a wonderful Thanksgiving and reminds us to be grateful for generosity and love.

Treats do not transfer through electronics. If they did, I know Bernie would hand them out, with friendly pats, to every dog in the world — and thank us for the excellent job we do. After all, we canines work day and night — to dispense love generously!

“On behalf of Jane, my four kids, seven grandchildren and myself, I wish everyone [especially dogs (author’s note)] a very happy Thanksgiving. This has been a tough year, but we can move forward as a country in a direction based on generosity and love.” ~ Bernie Sanders

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