“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”
~ Newton’s Third Law of Motion

The reaction to losing Net Neutrality, if it comes to that, may very well be a surge of Public Internet Service provided by local government. The folks in Colorado are busy exploring the option.

“…There’s another way we can fight for an open Internet

Last week, 19 towns across Colorado voted to allow the exploration of creating a local, public alternative to expensive private providers…

Not everyone was excited. Industry groups spent more than $450,000 campaigning against the measure. In fact, the very reason Colorado towns had to vote ‘yes’ before even exploring public broadband is because of an industry-backed state law requiring municipalities to jump through hoops to take control of their Internet infrastructure. (The industry has successfully pushed similar legislation in over 20 states.)…”

~ Donald Cohen

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 Be aware. Be fair.


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