David Streitfeld of LARB did a fascinating interview of science fiction author Ursula K. Le Guin. You’ll find out she warned of an “uninhabitable Planet” for over 30 years, devised a Trump-resistance “water” model, is the daughter of a scientist and “really like[s] facts,” her view on “imaginative” nonfiction, and what it’s been like to receive all those many honors and awards.

GREAT HONORS ARE flowing to Ursula K. Le Guin. Last year, the Library of America began a publishing program devoted to her work, a rare achievement for a living writer. The second and third volumes, containing much of her classic early SF, are now out. Her collected shorter fiction has been published in two volumes by Saga Press. In 2014, she received the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. This year, once again, she was on the betting list for the Nobel Prize in Literature. Le Guin lives quietly in Portland, Oregon, with her husband of many decades, Charles…

David Streitfeld 

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A Science Fiction Legend

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