Trombonist Ed Henderson Digs Jazz and His Dairy Cows

Dairy cows
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Not only do Ed Henderson’s cow have a nice large pasture in which to roam at Shenandoah Dairy Farm, he treats them to live jazz concerts!

Florida Dairy Farmer Holds Concert for Dairy Cows | Florida Dairy

“Find out what happens when a dairy farmer from Florida invites his 17-piece jazz band out to his farm to play for his curious cows!” ~ Florida Dairy

Cows Dig Jazz | Great Big Story

“Florida dairy farmer Ed Henderson has been playing the trombone since elementary school. And these days his audience, well, fits the scenery. Turns out, cows love jazz music! What began as a one-off backyard practice session, has turned into a regular gig that Henderson says entertains and pleases his audience of 6,800 or so cows. Hey, whatever works!” ~ Great Big Story

Cows have big, brown eyes.


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