Carrots or Tomatoes?

Chef Sarah, from Sarah’s Vegan Kitchen, experiments with using carrots, and then tomatoes, for the base of vegan smoked salmon. The recipes are just in time for Chanukah, the Jewish Festival of Lights, which begins next Tuesday, December 12th (or rather, sunset the evening before).

Which recipe is superior in taste and texture? The carrot version? The tomato version? Sarah gives her verdict, after comparing the results.

Jewish Law & Kindness to Animals

By it’s very nature, a vegetable diet is kosher, and fulfills an important principle of the Jewish faith: kindness to animals.

“Judaism places great stress on proper treatment of animals. Unnecessary cruelty to animals is strictly forbidden, and in many cases, animals are accorded the same sensitivity as human beings. This concern for the welfare of animals is unusual in Western civilization. Most civilized nations did not accept this principle until quite recently; cruelty to animals was not outlawed until the 1800s, and even now it is not taken very seriously.

The primary principle behind the treatment of animals in Jewish law is preventing tza’ar ba’alei chayim, the suffering of living creatures.”

~ Judaism 101

So, if you’re either Jewish, a vegan, or an animal lover, you’re good-to-go with vegan smoked salmon this Chanukah. (And your friends will be amazed!)

The Recipes

Sarah’s smoked salmon cooking test is based on the following recipes:

Get ready for Chanukah.