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Chester’s Double Seen Boating in Bahamas

Everyone wants to know what I look like in real life, which is rather difficult because… I’m somewhat posthumous (in material terms). But see here. The big, white, confident guy? My exact double.

He’s having a ball, on a boat, in the Bahamas! Swimming with his friends! I wish I was there, too!

Except… then I couldn’t be here, with my own very best friends — home for the holidays, ❤ eyeing my lumpy red stocking, which hangs from a mantle hook down the side of the refrigerator. Lacey stuffed it for me, for Christmas. I love living with her.

Until the Big Day… visions of rice-crispy treats dancing in my head…!

Rice crispies treats to be shared with Santa

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Chester is the lead character in The Chester Chronicles. In his spare time, he reports on real news from the canine perspective -- no corporate treats accepted! He is philosophically progressive in his personal views, but is free of any partisanship when it comes to loving everyone!


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