In the video above, FCC chairman Ajit Pai tries to put a “shine” on killing Net Neutrality. Clownish. I certainly hope the decision backfires on Pai and his corporate cohorts. In fact, here’s a suggestion that may help…

If you have library, school or coffee shop Internet access,
consider cancelling your home Internet,
even for a few months.

It is inconvenient, I know. I tried it over the summer. After only a few months, I went whimpering back to my Internet service provider (ISP). But it is not impossible.

Adapt a Little

You can watch antenna TV for news and DVDs for entertainment, read books, do your writing offline, buy a newspaper, listen to radio, “gram your food” with the conversion chart in a dictionary. (Oh! Did Pai mean foodie photos on Insta-“gram?”) You only need to schedule trips to free wireless locations for online tasks, to upload blog posts, and watch progressive news (with headphones).

Yes, going without home Internet does represent a lot of extra work, but on the plus side… Internet monies, and time, may be diverted elsewhere. You could… take up a sport, buy books at B&N, join a local volunteer or activist group, learn to meditate, shop the local bazaars. Or you could stash $1,000 a year, give or take, into a savings account. The advantages multiply if you also drop cable.

Living without home Internet for a while might actually be good for us. It would goad many of us to be more active, more social, more well-rounded. All it takes is a little adaptation.

It’s a Protest

If we’re expected to be happy about 7 inconsequential things that Ajit Pai assures us are “still” possible, I say we don’t need an Internet. I know that isn’t the Internet we want.

Who created the Internet, in the first place? The government. Who owns the Internet? Well, taxpayer dollars funded Internet development, so the Internet belongs to everybody. In an effort to make citizens heard, after 22 million voices from the FCC comment period were outright ignored, why not crash the residential ISP market?

Personally, I am setting a kill date for my home Internet service — in protest.

I’m putting my website in order, simplifying here and there, organizing a new work flow. With a book to write, less online distraction is actually a plus. What projects would you launch if you had more spare time and money?

So, how about it? Care to kick home Internet to the curb with me? After all, lawsuits and lawmakers are continuing the fight. Why not add a consumer boycott to the mix? We have corporate clowns to take down!

Be aware. Care. Dare.


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