The Best & Worst of 2017: The Year of Resistance

The Best & Worst of 2017: The Year of Resistance


Here’s a roundup of “2017’s Best & Worst” — for those who follow and support the Progressive Movement. While the list is in no particular order, resistance is the reigning theme…

2017: The Year of Resistance

Shining light on world-wide corruption… The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of 2017 | Global Witness 

Truth-tellers, dissidents, and revolutionaries… The Best of 2017 | Redacted Tonight

Far-left leaders, actions, and inspiration… Best of 2017: From J20 to Syria; Pipeline Resistance to Police Abolition | Act Out!

Progressives par excellence… The 2017 Progressive Honor Roll | The Nation

Education battles; wins and losses…  The Best — and Worst — Education News of 2017 | The Washington Post

2017 was “a year that birthed a new band of scrappy resisters who fought the climate-change denying, regulation-repealing powers that be.“… Vive La Résistance: 10 Ways People Stood up for the Planet in 2017 | Grist

It turns out, you’re not crazy… Top 5 Conspiracy Theories Verified True in 2017 | We Are Change

Just the facts, please… By the Numbers: a 2017 Money-In-Politics Index | The Center for Public Integrity

A rough year, yet some advancement… Top Ten Environmental Stories in a Difficult Time | Environment America

Throughout 2017, Bernie Sanders at the top… America’s Most and Least Popular Senators | Morning Consult

Creating diversion… Donald Trump’s 60 Worst Tweets of 2017, Ranked | Think Progress

Vive la Résistance… This Wasn’t the Year Trump Expected | MoveOn.Org

Our cousins over-the-water had quite the year (go Labour!)… Uk Politics: Best and Worst of 2017 | Betfair

On White House and American politics… Defining Moments of 2017 | Nerdcast, Politico

The annual TYT awards… 2017 Jerk of the Year & 2017 Turk of the Year

And so it goes.
This is how civilization evolves.
Next year, we’ll be talking about the
Best Progressive wins of the 2018 Elections.

Happy New Year!


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JoAnn Chateau

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