We have tragic news. Activist Erica Garner has died at the age of 27. She suffered an asthma attack, which brought on a heart attack and then a coma. She was hospitalized on December 24th and died Saturday morning, December 30th. A contributing factor: Erica had been born with an enlarged heart.

Erica’s father, Eric Garner, died by police brutality in 2014. The police officer who choked him was not convicted. Undoubtedly, the mental and physical stress of grief without closure, and the responsibilities of a new human rights activist, which Erica executed with great diligence and grace, took their toll on her vulnerable physical condition.

To honor Erica, and remember her father, we must continue to invoke the validity of “Black Lives Matter,” repeating the phrase, as appropriate and necessary, until justice prevails.

Before Erica died, the Jimmy Dore Show reported on her medical crisis, and discussed Erica’s work and the relevant social-political issues surrounding police violence. Please see below:

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