Iceland is serious about gender-equality. They created a law that simply puts a stop to unequal pay.

What a great idea! Why don’t we do that in the United States?

Because many people here are brain-washed by political rhetoric into believing that government regulations steal away American freedoms. (Altogether forgetting that regulations are protections for the well-being of people — so they may be free of dangerous or ill-advantaged situations.)

Think about that. What freedom would Iceland’s new law be stealing, if it were in America? Perhaps the freedom of businesses to pay employees unfairly? In order to increase company profits, without the drudgery of doing anything meritorious?

Accepting self-sabotaging BS, such as the Regulations=Bad propaganda, would never be tolerated in the U.S. — except for a cloud of fantasy that blinds the eyes of far too many Americans.

It’s well past time for a reality check, therefore…

Dear Beautiful Dreamers, most of you will remain employees for the entirety of your lives. A scant few of you will ever be business owners with more than 25 employees. Zero of you will magically transform into the Elite Class, which is every bit as exclusive as far-right Christian salvation. Even more so, because you can’t ‘believe’ yourself into 1%. It’s just mathematically impossible; math, of course, being created by God for a reason.

Anyway, kudos to Iceland! Quartz reports…

“On Jan. 1, Iceland made it illegal to pay men more than women—an inequality that exists (with respect to average gross hourly and annual income) in almost every nation. This legislation made the Nordic island nation, population 334,252, the first country in the world to ban pay discrimination on the basis of gender.

The law isn’t complicated: Under it, companies and government agencies employing at least 25 people will have to obtain government certification of their equal-pay policies. Companies and agencies that fail to prove pay parity will face fines…”

Leah Fessler

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Gender Equality or Bust!


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