The battle for democracy is raging in South Dakota, a visible tip-of-the-iceberg for the rest of the United States. Be aware, share the news. We can add our weight behind the SD anti-corruption fight.

“…South Dakotans are fighting back. Represent South Dakota is an inspiring group of conservative, progressive and independent South Dakotans coming together to fight corruption. They are on the frontlines of the fight for our democracy. They started organizing throughout the state right after the repeal and held more than two dozen public forums on the topic. They are leading the charge to get the South Dakota Voter Protection and Anti-Corruption Amendment on the ballot in 2018…

The South Dakota Legislature is not about to allow the Amendment to pass without putting up a fight… and they have a dangerous and powerful tool to stamp it out: the upcoming legislative session…”

Tzipora Lederman

READ MORE: A Massive Political Power Grab, and the Voters Trying to Stop It | Represent.Us

Be Aware. Take care.


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