The first monthly email newsletter is ready to launch tomorrow. Here’s hoping you’ll subscribe to receive it — look in the sidebar for the Newsletter/Special Delivery widget — because, I sure can use your feedback.

I’m trying the Mail Poet newsletter plugin for the first time. (It’s much easier to set up than Mail Chimp!) While the test to myself looks and works as expected, I’m wondering about delivery to other email inboxes…

Naturally, you may cancel your subscription at any time. Email addresses are safe from abuse. The whole setup is professional and secure.  😊

So, what will be in this monthly newsletter? Perhaps it will highlight a significant recent publication (or two), share behind-the-scenes website scoops, include a brief (but exclusive) editorial or an insider alert. Eventually, the newsletter may sport fun, engaging stuff like contests, surveys, sweepstakes, or special offers. (I’m currently researching how to conduct such things… without going broke.) In any case, the monthly is short & sweet; just a reminder, really, to visit good ol’

This is what the newsletter subscription form looks like:

newsletter subscription form

Just a Website Update