The reason I created the “2018 Progressive Candidates & Ballot Initiatives — A Nationwide List” is because I want people to see with their own eyes just how far the Progressive Movement, the Political Revolution, has come.

A lot of people need some eye-opening hope right now. They are the ones who cling to Establishment Democrat politicians because they think it’s the only practical path — that the progressive upstarts don’t have the numbers. Since they get their news from corporate media networks, they have no idea what is really happening.

I say, take a look. See with your own eyes.

UPDATE: The latest additions to the list:

Ruben Major for California Secretary of State – No corporate donations! Aims to restore honest elections, at least in California. Wow!

Bill Cimbrelo for Massachusetts 9th Congressional District –  former environmental chemist, Green New Deal, universal healthcare, etc. Bold progressive platform!

Tim Burns for Wisconsin State Supreme Court – Outspoken about his progressive history.

Eyes Wide Open!


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