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Bernie Sanders’ Medicare for All National Town Hall Meeting Airs January 23rd, Online Only!

Sanders national town hall meeting on Medicare for All
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Bernie Sanders is hosting a national town hall meeting to discuss Medicare for All on January 23 at 7:00pm Eastern. Have no worries if you are unable to attend the Washington D.C. meeting in person. It will be aired on Facebook Live by three leading progressive digital outlets: NowThis, ATTN:, and The Young Turks. In fact, the only way to watch the broadcast is online.

Why the Internet-only venue? Mainstream media networks were not eager to televise the national meeting, even though it will explore a topic of vital interest to most Americans. With that door closed, master strategist Sanders moved to Plan B and partnered with his independent digital allies to livestream the Medicare for All meeting.

The Young Turks break it down, in the video above.

Does this important digital event herald a future bypass of mainstream media, at least, on the part of progressive leaders? I don’t know. However, Bernie was certainly the trendsetter when he refused corporate donations for his 2016 presidential campaign; all the Progressive Candidates are following in his footsteps.

The political revolution is on!


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