Don’t look for faces of progressive candidates on the corporate media networks. Mainstream media and political elites barely notice true progressives. What could such candidates possibly add to the easy, greasy ride of The Establishment Gravy Train?

No matter. As it turns out, progressive candidates are the  “sleeper hits” of the political world — the kind who win elections.

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More outstanding progressive candidates have recently announced their 2018 run for office, or been recognized by a leading progressive endorsement organization. They include:

  • Gayle McLaughlin (I-CA) – Lieutenant Governor
  • Lisa Ring (D-GA) – 1st Congressional District
  • Rusty Oliver (D-GA) – 3rd Congressional District
  • Josh McCall (D-GA) – 9th Congressional District
  • Trent Nesmith (D-GA) – 12th Congressional District
  • Daniel Biss (D-IL) – Governor
  • Cathy Glasson (D-IA) – Governor
  • Chelsea Manning (D-MD) – U.S. Senate
  • Wendy Ella May (D-NC) – 2nd Congressional District
  • Jim Keady (D-NJ) – 4th Congressional District
  • Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) – Governor
  • Tom Wakely – (D-TX) – Governor
  • Brian Cronin (D-TX) 5th Congressional District
  • Dale Mantey (D-TX) – 17th Congressional District
  • Julie Oliver (D-TX) – 25th Congressional District
  • Will Fisher (D-TX) – 26th Congressional District
  • Hector Morales (D-TX) – 29th Congressional District
  • Carina Driscoll (I-VT) – Mayor of Burlington
  • Dave Heaster (D-WI) – Governor
  • Cathy Myers (D-WI) – 1st Congressional District (Running against Paul Ryan (R-WI), two progressives competing in this district!)
  • Gary Trauner (D-WY) – U.S. Senate

Learn more about these candidates from the 2018 Progressive Candidates & Ballot Initiatives — a Nationwide List.

A Progressive 2018 or Bust!


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