Feeling cranky today, and then I happened on the following meme. Please excuse a small rant…

I have often pondered the big drawback of privatized services (should that ever happen to the U.S. Postal Service, Social Security, or water utilities): If citizens do not like the service, there is no way to initiate change — unless you happen to be a board member of the company that manages the service — which is unlikely! It looks like The Christian Left thought of that too.

"Small government is conservative code talk for Corporate Dominance."

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The other thing about privatized services I dislike is that corporations would probably buy former government services for a song, when taxpayers have spent decades funding the research, development, and execution of such services. All the bugs have been worked out, and everything has been streamlined, rendering them extremely valuable. Why do you think a large corporation would want to buy one, in the first place? The answer is easy operation, virtually no financial risk, a cache of captive consumers on the hook, and an opportunity to downsize for big profits.

What are your thoughts? Any other drawbacks to privatization? Any pluses? And if so, how and for whom?

Be aware. Be objective.