February 8th Update on Progressive 2018 Candidates

February 8th Update on Progressive 2018 Candidates

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Another update to the 2018 Progressive Candidates & Ballot Initiatives List…

The 2018 Progressive Candidates & Ballot Initiatives list is growing. So far, 35 states are running progressive candidates, and three progressive initiatives are on the ballot (two currently in “pending” stage). Here’s the candidate breakdown:

  • 8 for U.S. Senate
  • 81 for Congress
  • 10 for Governor
  • 10 for other elected offices

The list contains those progressive candidates I have been able to discover online. Of course, there are more!

For instance, I only know about Mathew Thomas (D-FL) running for the 12th Congressional District of Florida because that is where I live. Mathew’s team is presently working on the endorsement process required by Our Revolution and Justice Democrats. This leads me to believe there are probably many other progressive candidates around the country, like Mathew, who are on the verge of wider recognition.

If you know of a progressive running in 2018, who is not yet on my list, please let me know in the comments below. Thanks!

Here are the progressive candidates most recently added to the list:

  • Pending ballot initiative – Alaska Government Accountability Act
  • Stephen Jaffe (D-CA) – 12th Congressional District
  • Rachelanne Rae Vander Werf – Trustee on the American River Flood Control District in Sacramento
  • Amy McGrath (D-KY) – 6th Congressional District
  • Allison Galbraith (D-MD) – 1st Congressional District
  • Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed (D-MI) – Governor
  • Angelica Earl (D-MO) – U.S. Senate
  • Peter DeBenedittis (D-NM) – Governor
  • Ross Barkan (D-NY) – State Senate
  • Dr. Kyle Horton (D-NC) – 7th Congressional District
  • David Wilson Brown (D-NC) – 10th Congressional District
  • Richard Ojeda (D-WV) – 3rd Congressional District
  • Mahlon Mitchell (D-WI) – Governor
  • Kelda Roys (D-WI) – Governor

Learn more about the candidates at: 2018 Progressive Candidates & Ballot Initiatives — a Nationwide List | JoAnnChateau.com

To Progressive Winners in 2018!

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