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Written by Graffiti Girl

I was at Wobbly Warrior’s blog (where Susan Chandler zeroes in on criminal justice reform), and she was sharing a link about this: Journalist/activist Shaun King is putting the focus on local DA elections in order to reform a faulty, failing criminal justice system. Immediately, you “know” King’s idea is both revolutionary and doable.

Please read King’s announcement. He’ll be posting more later today.

…No position in the entire country has more power, more juice, more influence, with less scrutiny and attention, than the District Attorney…

In addition to building a comprehensive database, we will begin helping to recruit exciting new candidates for local DA races. We will be mounting a nationwide awareness campaign to help encourage reform-minded attorneys to enter the fray to change the justice system from the inside out…

~ Shaun King

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Count you in?

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