Washington D.C. Levels the Playing Field for Political Candidates

Washington D.C. Levels the Playing Field for Political Candidates

The Wilson Building, home of the Council of the District of Columbia

The Council of the District of Columbia has unanimously proposed a new Fair Elections system that will level the playing field for political candidates…

The Council of the District of Columbia has unanimously proposed a new Fair Elections system that will level the playing field for political candidates. Kudos!

…In an effort to bring new candidates and re-energize local politics, the WFP has been working to promote the public funding of elections in municipal races. The group’s efforts succeeded last week when the city council in Washington, D.C., voted unanimously to establish a new public campaign finance program…

In addition to making it easier for lesser-known and under-financed candidates to have a chance, the much lower limits (a maximum donation of $200 per person) and the matching funds are designed to help candidates get out into the community and interact with voters….

~ Matthew Sheffield

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Now, that’s real democracy!

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    • I hope the move to restore democracy will hit critical mass. If national leadership becomes impotent, it’s up to the local grassroots little guys to get get the nation back on track. Every time a city or state deals with campaign finance reform, rank choice voting, or ends gerrymandering, it’s a win for the entire country. Issues like gun control, too.

  • Absolutely, yes! This is how the wealthy have hijacked democracy everywhere. Ban TV and mass media advertising. Allow pamphlets, door-to-door canvassing, publicly sponsored meet and greet events as well as debates. Just imagine the wonderful candidates who would step up to SERVE.

  • That is a good step. I think that Instant Runoff Voting should be instituted as well and a ban on any corporate/private funded ads.

    I’d love to see this on the federal level as well as a strict ban on corporate/private lobbying and political advertising. Without the corporate-wealthy individual’s monetary influence, more honorable and honest citizens of integrity would run for Congress and the presidency. Self-interested scoundrels would be less likely to run. Of course, such measures likely would cause a complete evolutionary diversion in all parties from where they are now, perhaps even the death of them—Yeeehaaaa!.

    In such an atmosphere, we could have sensible federal gun regulations, pass permanent environmental, work-place and consumer safety legislation as well as raise the minimum wage to a living wage, have free child care for working or education aspiring mothers and provide medicare for all–to include child and adult mental health evaluations and therapy if necessary.

    For financing, I’d love to see a 2 or 3% tax on the dollar for all stock market transactions, the cap removed from FICA tax, a robust, special IRS department charged with rooting out and prosecuting corporate/private tax haven accounts. Let’s toss in sending cheating CEOs and political profiteers to prison–after proven guilty, of course! There is much more, of course–like a free college education, cleaning up bad neighborhoods, etc. etc.

    And, yes. There is enough money in this nation to accomplish all of that and still leave the wealthy, wealthy–just not absurdly wealthy as they now are–and becoming super-absurdly wealthy.

    Hmm, here I am dreaming again. Perhaps in another millennium….If we are not extinct.

    • Absolutely right on, Max. Yes, there is enough money — and there are plenty of solutions, too. Our elected leaders have no excuse for not implementing more advanced policies, whether it’s runoff voting or sensible gun control. Big Money ruins politics.

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