Hey everyone, Happy World Wildlife Day!

So… did you forget to buy an airline ticket to fly half-way ’round the world to watch big, lazy cats napping on a warm rock… or (gulp) worse…? (They are predators, after all… Maybe even an alpha Bichon could be mistaken for a tasty bon-bon.) Don’t feel bad. Everyone forgets to reserve tickets.

The real question is, what’s your “Plan B” for celebrating this glorious holiday? Watch Nature channel on TV? Finally hang that wildlife calendar you got for Christmas on the back of a closet door? Donate to the World Wildlife Fund? Hmm… they’re all great ideas, but just not that personal…

I know! Maybe, you people can take active, personal steps to be smarter and kinder with the wild animals right in your own neighborhoods! As it happens, animal genius Animalista Untamed has some very useful tips you can use to help suburban wildlife stay out of harm’s way (and us domestic pets, too, by the way).

Remember, don’t wait for a party — celebrate local wildlife every day — by recycling.

…Wildlife also means of course, garden birds, mice, foxes, badgers, stoats and weasels, and here in the UK, the endangered hedgehog, to name a few. They may be less exotic and rare, but their lives are just as important to them – as they should be to us. We’re not all able to actively help our native animals today – heartfelt thanks to those who do, the rescuers, badger patrols, hunt monitors, all the wonderful folk who give up their time to protect wildlife and help it thrive. For those of us who can’t, at the very least there are ways we can take care not to cause harm…

~ Animalista

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World Wildlife Day

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