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Generation Z Leads the Way on Climate Action

Youth in protest march, with the words "Youth-led call for climate action."
Written by Graffiti Girl

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

It seems that teenagers will be the ones to “save the day” in terms of major political and social issues — including climate action. Why not?

  1. Adults are too frightened to lead the way. Opposition to a powerfully entrenched status quo has been known to attract punishment.
  2. Teenagers have little to lose, on the other hand, and everything to gain — like an actual future existence on Planet Earth!

Zero Hour Climate March

Mark your calendar. The nationwide Zero Hour Climate March is happening on July 21, 2018.

Generation Z — millennials’ younger brothers and sisters — are increasingly finding their voices in the Trump era, expanding media-savvy campaigns for racial equality and gun control to encompass climate change. A group of high school students are now planning a nationwide series of climate marches on July 21, when they will confront lawmakers in Washington, D.C., with a list of their demands for a livable climate.

~ Eric Holthaus

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In case you’re wondering what Zero Hour is, exactly, take a glance at their mission statement:

The mission of the Zero Hour movement is to center the voices of diverse youth in the conversation around climate and environmental justice. Zero Hour is a youth-led movement creating entry points, training, and resources for new young activists and organizers (and adults who support our vision) wanting to take concrete action around climate change. Together, we are a movement of unstoppable youth organizing to protect our rights and access to the natural resources and a clean, safe, and healthy environment that will ensure a livable future where we not just survive, but flourish.

~ Zero Hour Mission Statement

Our teens carry the burden of saving the planet.

Let that sink in.

We adults must support the kids, as they fight for a viable future on Planet Earth. Together, we can do anything. Together, we can reduce the potential loss and/or punishment that is associated with speaking truth to power. Together, we have a better planet. Together, we are a better people.

Support Youth’s Future

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  • Wish them well. We were going to change the world too in ’68. We are old now. I wonder how the time passed and don’t see much ‘it got better”. Hope they’ll be more successful.

    • The Baby Boomer generation was “hot” in its youth – Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society in 1964-1965, Civil Rights protections in the 60s, the EPA was formed in 1970, the U.S. began withdrawal from Vietnam in 1973 (after years of protest in the 60s), and so forth.

      The problem is keeping the ground that has been won. After fighting the Good Fight for a long time and winning, people begin to relax. Unfortunately, the opposition is working diligently to overturn everything that was accomplished.

      As the impetus for meaningful gun reform, Z Generation is going to win big. I hope they will remain vigilant afterwards, and always.

  • I’m so impressed that their stand on gun control has begun to move some retailers to slow down, restrict, and cut out gun sales and others to boycott companies in cahoots with the NRA. This crop of teens are very special indeed!

    • Yes. We can be grateful these teens were not frozen with shock and grief. Retailers and legislation, too. The FL senate just approved some moderate gun control measures; to the FL house next.

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