The nation has entered the 2018 Primary Election season. Texas is the first state to hold its Primary, and today is the day. There are at least 17 progressive Texas candidates running for elected office. Fingers crossed!

For more Texas Primary and candidate information, check The Texas Tribune.

Democrats Are Hopeful

…The real drama on Texas primary day is happening on the left this time. Democrats consider this year a pivotal marker in their efforts to turn Texas purple or even blue, and yet they can’t decide on the best way forward.

If there is to be a Texas version of a Democratic wave this November (defined by picking up one to as many as five congressional seats and 10 state House seats), Tuesday could bring early signs of it. For the first time in at least 25 years, Texas Democrats have put up a candidate in every one of the 36 congressional seats. Early voter turnout for Democrats has doubled from 2014 levels, and in some places even rivals turnout during the 2016 presidential primary…

~ Amber Phillips

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Polls Open to 7pm, Texas!

Progressive candidate Beto O’Rourke urges all Texans to get out and vote today.

Progress or Bust!

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