Climate-change-denying politicians are bought and bossed. Thus, they are willing to pass legislation to criminalize dissent against oil pipelines.

“Eco terrorism” they call it.

Iowa, Louisiana, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma. Investigative journalist Steve Horn says five states have used copy-and-paste model legislation, devised by the Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), in order to create laws that severely punish people who dare to protest the life-threatening and permanent devastating environmental damage caused by oil companies.

Big Oil wants people to be quiet about that. Big Oil wants people to get 25 years in prison for that.

Pipeline protests are inconvenient for Big Oil, particularly at a time when oil prices are falling because renewable energy systems save people money and 99.99% of the world population worries about the effect fossil fuels have on climate change. How was Big Oil supposed to anticipate such trends??? Yes, of course the fossil fuel industry knew over 40 years ago that burning fossil fuels would cause global warming. But how could Big Oil predict that other people would find out???

Seriously. Personally. I was not terrorized by Standing Rock Water Protectors. Were you?

Meanwhile, former Republican Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger is preparing to sue Big Oil for ‘First Degree Murder.’ It’s like he’s saying oil companies are the real criminals. Right. Out. Loud.

Begging a question or two… When global Big Oil executives are convicted for crimes against humanity, what percentage of their American political tools will also go to prison? Being both an exec and a tool, could former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson be slammed with a double sentence?

Even as five states allow Big Oil to over-reach its legal boundary, the table is turning. May there be climate justice for all — especially for Big Oil executive murderers and their political side-kicks.

Climate Justice for All


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