UPDATED 3/28/18 — See petition and sample letter (to support H.R 676) at the bottom of this post…

One of my political heroes, Ralph Nader, reminds us how few people it actually takes to influence national policy — like implementing Medicare for All in the United States. Another nice reality is that you can be part of the positive change process with relative ease. All it takes is a personal letter, email, or phone call to your elected representatives.

…Will the first ten million Americans step up and be counted by sending messages directly to their Senators and Representatives in the month of April? The amount of time required to send a letter, an email or a telephone call is so brief that activated citizens could be called the modern “Minutemen” for universal health insurance…

~ Ralph Nader

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This April, tell your Senators and Representatives to support H.R. 676, the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act. Please see the helpful resources below:

Your Letter or Telephone Call

Contact your elected officials and tell them to support H.R. 676. Your letter, email, or telephone call does not need to be elaborate. In most cases, your communication will be processed by Congressional staff members. So, just briefly introduce yourself, and say what you have to say. End with a “thank you.” It should only take a minute. :-)

  1. Hello __________, my name is __________. I live in _____(city)_____, _____(state)_____. I am one of your constituents.
  2. It’s really important that you support H.R. 676, the ‘Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act’
  3. Thank you!

MoveOn.org petition to Support H.R. 676

Open Letter to the AARP in Support of H.R. 676

Check out the open letter to the AARP, in support of single-payer Medicare for All, for more information.

Medicare for All or Bust!


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