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Canine Chef Maymo Gets a Sponsor for His Cooking Show!

Canine Chef Maymo gets a sponsor for his cooking show on Youtube, and makes a commercial…

My canine compatriot, Chef Maymo, is hitting the big time on Youtube — he’s got a sponsor for his cooking show! If anyone deserves a financial reward, it’s Maymo’s brilliant manager, producer, and human: Jeremy. As culinary artiste, Maymo himself, cares little for mammon. You can’t eat it.

Acknowledgement: The following video is, indeed, a commercial. (But it’s a great one!)

Thank you HelloFresh for sponsoring this video! For $30 off your first week of HelloFresh, visit and enter maymo30!

~ Maymo

Canine Entrepreneurship or Bust!


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Chester, the alpha Bichon, is the lead character in "The Chester Chronicles." In his spare time, he reports the real news, from the canine perspective -- no corporate treats accepted! He has one strong political viewpoint: Everyone Should Love Everyone! (((tail wag)))

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