Corruption in American politics is old news. But every so often, you have to deal with it, and beat it back. When a mainstream magazine comes right out and spells “corruption,” you know the American people are at that point. (See the cover of the April NY magazine cover below.)

Some folks may think corruption is specific to Trump. But that is not accurate. American corruption happens to be in full blossom, for all to see, while Trump happens to be in office. Nor is American corruption caused by one or the other major political parties.

The truth is, American political corruption is systemic. National politics are manipulated by powerful billionaires with corporate interests. All politicians are impacted by it. Most are not able to resist the temptation of Big Money and its promised favors.

As long as we have a vote, however, there is a way to end the corrupting influence of Big Money in our government.

The most immediate and effective way to get Big Money out of American politics, is to elect into office candidates who reject corporate money. The new breed of progressive candidate gets it. So, vote progressive this November.

For the 2018 Election, set partisan politics aside. Reclaim democracy. We’ll get back to robust debate between conservatives and liberals, after Big Money is squashed.

Vote Anti-Corruption in November


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