Today, we have four state primary elections: Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Check “the list” for progressive candidates running in these races. Mainstream media (MSM) is ignoring them.

2018 Progressive Candidates & Ballot Initiatives: A Nationwide List

Did you know you can watch the primary results tonight with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks Youtube channel? The left-leaning commentary is a refreshing change, and politically encouraging — when compared to the MSM’s establishment-bias that broadcasts day in, and day out, on network television. (MSM will be the dead last to report Bernie Sanders is President… should that happen.)

Some of the strongest progressive contenders include:

  • Dan Canon (D-IN) – 9th Congressional District
  • Sam Ronan (R-OH) – 1st Congressional District
  • Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) – Governor
  • Jenny Marshall (D-NC) – 5th Congressional District
  • Paula Jean Swearengin (D-WV) – U.S. Senate

There are many more progressives in today’s primarys. Check the list for other candidates. As soon as possible, it will be updated with primary results. Guaranteed, there will be “surprise” progressive wins.

May the best candidates — men and women with courage, character, compassion, and vision — win.

Progressive Fingers Crossed!

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