The do-something senator from Vermont, Bernie Sanders, is holding a national town hall to examine and discuss Trump’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Breaking the Deal: A Town Hall on Trump’s Iran Decision

I believe the town hall will establish a foundation for the American people to demand, and get, sound policy on this issue.

All together…  jump on the “Peace Train.” Only together, can we avoid war.

The town hall is happening Monday, May 14th, at 7pm eastern. The event is being hosted by The Intercept,, The Young Turks, U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, and MoveOn — join the live town hall on any of their Youtube or Facebook channels.

The reference above is, of course, to Cat Stevens song “Peace Train.”

“…Oh Peace Train sounding louder
Glide on the Peace Train
Come on now Peace Train
Yes, Peace Train holy roller

Everyone jump upon the Peace Train
Come on now, Peace Train…”

~ Cat Stevens

All aboard the Peace Train!

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