Progressive Activism Updates – Saturday, May 12, 2018

Progressive Activism Updates – Saturday, May 12, 2018 - Resistance

The latest in progressive activism: reaction to racist Starbucks incident, an apology to the people of Iran, a red alert for Net Neutrality, “Breaking the Deal” national town hall…

Catch up, join the action, share the news. Here are the week’s progressive activism highlights…

Breaking the Deal: A Town Hall on Trump’s Iran Decision

Bernie Sanders’ third national town hall meeting will address Trump’s rash decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal. The town hall may well lay the groundwork for a nonviolent, multi-faceted, people-powered resistance that will spur Congress to take anti-war action.

The event will be hosted online by The Intercept,, Sen. Bernie Sanders, The Young Turks, and MoveOn — visit any of their Youtube or Facebook channels to join the meeting. It’s Monday, May 14 at 7pm EST.

Red Alert for Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality isn’t dead yet. Click the “red alert” below to contact your Senators.

Red alert for Net Neutrality - take action

The US Senate is headed for a mid-May vote on a Congressional Review Act (CRA) resolution to block the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. Starting on May 9th, and carrying through until the vote, the Internet will “go red” to raise awareness and ensure that lawmakers hear from their constituents, who overwhelmingly support restoring open Internet protections.

~ Battlefield for the Net

READ: The Senate Has Forced a Vote to Restore Net Neutrality | The Verge

An Apology to the People of Iran

Creative Activism

Activist Eleanor Goldfield covers the latest in Act Out!

This week on Act Out! water wars in the west are heating up – and did you know you could go to jail for more than a year for recycling? Next, Iran is on our shit list now more than ever – but why? And who actually deserves that prime spot? Finally, Michelle Saahene joins us to talk about the Starbucks call heard round the world – she was there and as a black woman, she has a few things to say about the layers of racism manifested in that incident and beyond.


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