Serendipity – Sunday, May 13 (and it’s Mother’s Day!)

Serendipity – Sunday, May 13 (and it’s Mother’s Day!)

"Mom, I love you" written in a deep purple night sky

Serendipitous delights of the week: sand art postcard from Portugal, gift-giving crows, a tour of China’s “Heaven’s Door Mountain,” peace activist moms…

Serendipitous delights of the week… and Happy Mother’s Day!

When Moms Are Peace Activists

What’s one of the best qualities about moms? They’re peace-makers.

…After the war ended in 1865, women planned Mother’s Friendship Day picnics in an effort to bring Union and Confederate loyalists together, urging them to promote peace. “Battle Hymn of the Republic” writer Julia Ward Howe started a “Mother’s Peace Day” around this time, which encouraged mothers to support antiwar efforts on behalf of their sons’ wellbeing….

Grace Donnelly and Alex Scimecca

READ MORE: The History of Mother’s Day: How an Antiwar Protest Became a Commercial Holiday | Fortune

Beautiful pink tulips and small purple flowers

Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

Tianmen Mountain, China

Afraid of heights? An armchair tour of “Heaven’s Door Mountain” may be preferred over an on-location visit. Here it is!

The stunning Tianmen Mountain (“Heaven’s Door Mountain”), near the city of Zhangjiajie, province of Hunan, China. The video is following one of the two standard routes around the mountain: The longest cable car in the world from the city center to the mountain top; West rim cliff-hanging walkway and glass Skywalk; Tianmen temple; East rim cliff-hanging walkway and glass Skywalk; elevators down to Tianmen Cave; the 999 steps “Stairway to heaven” down to the square with the bus stop; bus down the 99 bends road. The other possible route is exactly the opposite to the one above, the tourists must choose which one to take when they buy the ticket to the mountain.

~ Amazing Places on Our Planet

Gift Giving Crows – World’s Weirdest Events | BBC Two

Did you know crows could be great pals? They give gifts to individuals with whom they have important bonds.

You can catch the first two seasons of BBC’s Weird Wonders of the World on Netflix. When the narrator says something like, “what they learned next was even more amazing” — you are never disappointed.

A Special Postcard

You’ve sent postcards home while on your travels, but none like the one sand artist Kseniya Simonova “posted.”

This sand art postcard was created SPECIALLY for Eurovision in Lisbon for the song of the Portugal’s participart Claudia Pascoal and her song “O, Jardim”. Viva, Portugal! Enjoy watching!

Sand Artist Kseniya Simonova

Surprised by Delight

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