As the climate crisis descends, people who inhabit any remaining stable and secure region in the world may need to ration food items. Such a practice would ensure that men and women fighting climate change on the front lines are able to consume enough calories and protein to battle extreme weather events, disease epidemics, and literal military wars — over an extended period of time.

World War II Ration Recipes to the Rescue

The idea of food rationing probably conjures up a dark vision of the world’s future. On the bright side, however, we have a ready stockpile of World War II scarcity-busting ration recipes to point us in the right direction.

Low in fat and sugar, ration recipes are said to be healthy. Once you adjust to a reduced-calorie diet, making meals from scratch, and tending a Victory Garden, I’m sure you’ll find that ration dishes are delicious. At the least, nothing creates a more appreciative appetite than hunger and deprivation.

Links to Wartime Recipes & Resources

Below, find a mini-library of wartime recipe links. Check them out today. Do print out the likeliest candidates for your table as soon as possible. You never know when the Internet will go, or you can no longer afford it.

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Climate change is a strange kind of enemy. No face. No stomach.

Pull in Your Belt & Bon Appétit!

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