Animal-Loving Vegans Can Enjoy Savory Summer Tradition of BLTs

We are entering the season of BLTs — Yum! But what does that mean to animal-loving vegans who do not eat bacon? Are they relegated to tomato and lettuce sandwiches? No way! Allow Kim at Brownble to show you how to make vegan tempeh bacon.

“Yes, vegans can make their bacon and eat it too! Today we’re teaching you how to make delicious tempeh bacon for all your vegan burgers, pasta dishes, salads, wraps and for the most incredible vegan BLT sandwiches. Once you get the hang of this recipe (you can make tofu bacon with this same recipe too) you’ll be able to whip up a batch of vegan bacon in no time, and use it in many other dishes or serve it next to your pancakes on Sunday morning. It’s addicting!” ~ Brownble

WRITTEN RECIPE: Tempeh Bacon | Brownble

Animal Lovers Going Vegan