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Cute Vegan “Caterpillar” Fruit Kebabs Suitable for Outdoor Summer Dining

Outdoor dining....
Written by JoAnn Chateau

Easy. Cute. Vegan. Juicy and refreshing. Nutritionally packed. Eye-catching. Irresistible. Memorable. Disappearable. Yum! Check out these vegan Caterpillar Fruit Kebabs with zesty lime dip, from Fork and Beans.

Chester says to remind everyone… Your canine pals may safely eat seedless watermelon and cantaloupe balls — just don’t let them eat the rinds… Oh, and take the fruit balls off the kebab stick first!… Food in spherical shapes is perfect for tossing… and outdoor dining… Fun and delicious! ❤

Summer Eats!

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JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau likes progressive politics and loves the canines. She sometimes writes fiction about Chester (the Alpha Bichon) and his friends -- with a dash of humor and dab of Poli-Sci. JoAnn's views and insights are tinted by her past profession in Counseling, Christian theological studies, and Library and Information Science training. Retired now, JoAnn enjoys the creative life.

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