5 Steps to a Smaller Barbecue Footprint

5 Steps to a Smaller Barbecue Footprint

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MUST-USE NEWS from Credo Mobile — five steps to a smaller, greener barbecue footprint…

We look forward to Fourth of July celebrations, especially cooking and eating out-of-doors. In addition, it’s a mighty great opportunity to heighten green awareness. Show your hungry family and guests how to respect the environment, while enjoying it.

Happy Fourth!

…We don’t want to rain on your charcoal, but have you ever considered the environmental impact of barbecuing? It can be significant.

On July 4 alone, Americans will fire up 60 million barbecues, and those grills will emit 225,000 metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Then, there are all the plastic plates, cups and utensils that will be used  and all the factory-farmed meats that will be eaten.

But don’t cancel your cookout just yet! You can have your Boca Burger and eat it too. Here are 5 steps to a smaller barbecue footprint…

~ Credo Mobile

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Save the environment… and happy summer BBQ-ing!

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