Mexico is having their elections today. It looks like left-wing candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador (“Amlo”) holds a strong lead for the presidency. Here’s his platform (from Wikipedia):

  • Increase financial aid for students and elderly
  • Amnesty for some drug war criminals
  • Universal access to public colleges
  • Cancellation of the under-construction New Mexico City International Airport
  • Referendum over an energy reform that ended Pemex‘s monopoly in the oil industry
  • Stimulation of the country’s agricultural sector
  • Delay of the renegotiations of NAFTA until after the elections
  • Building more oil refineries
  • Increased spending for welfare
  • Cutting politicians’ salaries
  • Decentralization of the executive cabinet by moving Secretaries from the capital to states

The scourge of corruption and violence are at the heart of today’s elections

This is Lopez Obrador’s third bid for the presidency and some see it as his best shot after 12 years of near-permanent campaigning. His railing against the “mafia of power” that has long ruled Mexico and in favor of the poor appears to be falling on receptive ears.

“The corrupt regime is coming to its end,” Lopez Obrador, a 64-year-old commonly known as AMLO, said at his final campaign event Wednesday. “We represent modernity forged from below.”

~ AP Staff

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In addition, the Mexican people want someone to deal with Donald Trump.

Who the next Mexican president will be and how he deals with President Trump and his plans to renegotiate Nafta and build a border wall will therefore be key to US-Mexican relations.

The candidate who has been most critical of Mr Trump during his campaign is left-winger Andrés Manuel López Obrador, also known as “Amlo”.

He has said he will make Mr Trump “see reason” and his staunch opposition to the US president has won him extra voters, analysts say.

~ BBC Staff

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We hope for election outcomes that will most benefit our southern neighbors.

To a progressive Mexico!