Humanitarians around the world celebrate Amlo’s win and his goals to end corruption, the drug war, and poverty in Mexico. Here is a bit of what The Guardian has to report on this progressive political victory:

A baseball-loving leftwing nationalist who has vowed to crack down on corruption, rein in Mexico’s war on drugs and rule for the poor has been elected president of Latin America’s second-largest economy.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, a silver-haired 64-year-old who is best known as Amlo and counts Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn among his friends, was elected with at least 53% of the vote, according to a quick count by Mexico’s electoral commission…

Mexico’s president-elect vowed to rule for people of all social classes, all sexual orientations and all points of view. “We will listen to everyone. We will care for everyone. We will respect everyone,” he said. “But we will give priority to the most humble and to the forgotten.”…

Exit polls also suggested the party Amlo founded in 2014 – the Movement for National Regeneration or Morena – had won at least five of nine gubernatorial races, with the winners including Mexico City’s first elected female mayor, Claudia Sheinbaum. “We won! We’ll rescue the City of Hope,” she wrote on Twitter…

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Yet Amlo’s victory comes after a year of record-breaking violence. At least 136 politicians were assassinated.

The media is comparing Amlo to Trump. Perhaps they are both populist winners, but their policies are completely opposite. Amlo is more like a Mexican Bernie Sanders.

Amlo ran for President several times. He left a corrupt party that rigged the vote against him, started a new political party, and is now Mexico’s President-Elect.

Democracy Now! reports:

Congratulations to Amlo and the Morena Party!

To a Progressive Mexico!

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