National Dog Day 2018 – Make It Special!

National Dog Day 2018 – Make It Special!

Spitzer dog in beach sand

National Dog Day 2018: Make this special day special. Do something fun for four-paws. No good ideas? You’re not thinking… like a dog yet…

Sunday, August 26, 2018…

Hip, Hip, Hoorah!
It’s National Dog Day!

Make this special day special. Do something fun for four-paws. No good ideas? You’re not thinking… like a dog yet.

Do Something Significant

Take Pooch to the beach for National Dog Day this Sunday (or join a parade, or visit the dog park, or dig a hole)… or shock the guy. Bring home a load of beach balls! (No sand. Even Mom is happy. I’ve got it all figured out.)

Beach Ball Surprise! | Maymo

Break Bread Together

You and Pooch could enjoy a special meal together on National Dog Day, this Sunday, August 26th. (Be sure to mark your calendar!) Food is a vital component to any celebration — and sometimes, competitive races are too!

Eating Competition with Quincy | Patrick Barnes

(Quincy is one of my show biz cousins. Has his own gig on Youtube.)

Howl at the Moon

You and Pooch could make National Dog Day 2018 (this Sunday, August 26) an opportunity to reaffirm your vows of commitment to each other. There’s nothing like the traditional pack-sing-song to do that — and, there will be a Full Moon!

A Commanding Full Moon Howl | Chalet Loui

I bet I got you thinking like a dog by now. So, what will you and your Pooch be doing this Sunday, August 26th, National Dog Day 2018? Let us know in the comments — it’ll help the human people who have difficulty with… well,… new tricks.

Have a happy, happy dog day on National Dog Day 2018. (This coming Sunday!)

Celebrate National Dog Day
Pooch in full celebration regalia. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

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