Twitter & Facebook Need More Democratic Algorithms

Twitter & Facebook Need More Democratic Algorithms

Social Media

My social networking efforts to build an online presence are a failure, delivering near-zero visitors to my website. What will I do?…

Social media does not work for me. I may have figured out why.

Social Media Drives No Traffic to Website

My social networking efforts are a failure, delivering near-zero visitors to my website. While it’s easy to build a modest following on Twitter, for instance, those same followers consistently ignore my tweets about posts and pages on my website. No visits, no retweets, no likes. In fact, they ignore ALL my tweets, most of which have nothing to do with website posts. Everything I tweet must be utterly boring. (Why do I have any followers, at all?)

Then I noticed that timelines are always filled with status updates from the same 20 people. Doesn’t my niece post anymore? What happened to John Fugelsang? I finally learned that Twitter and Facebook timelines are no longer chronological. These networks are dishing out the updates they think will interest me most. (Why do I bother to follow people?)

I’m a small fry. Neither do my followers see updates from me in their timelines.

The Search Engine Is Your Friend

It was after I published the “2018 Progressive Candidates” page in January, that this social limbo really caught my attention. The “Candidates” piece is rather long, and lends itself to internal linking and constant updating. Search engines love all that. Google blessed my site with a significant new flow of traffic. By contrast, although I actively promoted the same piece on Twitter, website analytics reveal that Twitter only refers viewers to my website on rare occasions.

Interestingly enough, Facebook refers a steady dribble of visitors. While I tend to avoid it (the cluttered format drives me batty), folks seem to prefer sharing to Facebook over Twitter.

There are many factors in play, but I’ll tell website owners one thing. Next to your canine pal, the search engine is your best friend.

My New Social Media Plan

Understandably, social networks must monetize their applications. They adjust algorithms in favor of paying customers. Other than being part of an audience that such sponsors buy, I have no role to play. What about synergy? The thrill of a stimulating exchange? Or something as basic as quid pro quo? It won’t happen while Facebook and Twitter are pushing friends into obscurity. Now, I may be spoiled by the wonderfully interactive blogger community at, but I think these big social media outfits need to do better by average users.

Dear Readers, how does social media work for you? Does it improve your website traffic? Do you make meaningful connections? Does it distract you from more productive work?

Here’s my new social media plan: sparing sharing — until circumstances warrant increased activity. My networks are organized with a view to future branding of The Chester Chronicles. Each social network contributes, in a varied way, to that purpose.

Facebook – Pleasant Vanilla
FlipboardWebsite Management
Google+Hanging with Chester
PinterestQuotes and Memes
TumblerDogs in Lit & Film
TwitterCanine News & Views
TwitterDogeared Lit
TwitterProgressive Graffiti

But is it even possible for small players to successfully conduct a social branding campaign? It may be, some day, if and when social media algorithms become more democratic.

Spare the Share

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JoAnn Chateau
  • What about Instagram? We have a student intern from Auckland Tech helping us with a petition campaign. She says we need to be on Instagram to catch people under 30. They have all abandoned Facebook and Twitter.

  • Hey JoAnn, how are you? I used to post on WordPress biweekly just like I do on Blogger. I promoted them both on social media, but I always got at least 10 times the response from Blogger as I did from WordPress. So Blogger, plus my new author page at, are my 2 main platforms. Why limit yourself to one platform? That’s all I’m saying, and I post on FB, Twitter, G+, Tumblr and Linked In too. Also, I promote my posts with Zoho Social Media Booster, where you can schedule and repeat your postings as often as you want. It makes a huge difference in my number of views. Hope this helps. Shalom….

  • Only time I get much traffic from Facebook is when I post onto a group page that a particular post is appropriate for. Facebook is really mostly good for pictures of you, your kids, your dogs and your cats I’ve stopped posting anything personal because of all the security breaches. Most of my views come from search or WP reader.

  • It seems to me that most of my blog visitors find me through my posting Tweets that are specific to a person and/or organization, specific to an issue, in defiance of generally accepted opinions. Few people have the nerve to go further than to read the blog posts; few likes, few shares, etc. (same holds true for the Tweets). But they do come back. Is that progress? I don’t know.

    • Your focus on prisoner rights is a difficult topic, Susan. For some, the injustice is too horrifying to contemplate, and I think many people don’t care about prisoners (i.e., thinking they deserve what they get, etc.) You have opened my eyes, that is for sure. Return visits are good. Keep fighting the good fight. Democracy and justice for ALL.

  • JoAnn, I maintain a Facebook account only for “friends” who may wish to contact me. My highest read Word Press blogpost of all time was posted by someone on Facebook. The blogpost that has obtained the highest number of hits in one day was also shared by someone on Facebook.

    My business website, “Your US-Brazil Trade Assist,” received high ratings on the Google search engine. However, since re-branding my site to promote my work as a writer, my website now receives less daily visitors. Bear in mind that the links to my business articles remain unchanged.

JoAnn Chateau

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