We are in the Dark Season. Halloween will be celebrated next Wednesday, October 31. Most of us revel in scary (but safe) fun. However, some people not only flirt with the dark side, they collect it. Fellow-WordPress-blogger Tom G. Wolf gives us the history of murderabilia
…For most true crime aficionados, the occasional book or TV show is more than enough to satisfy the psychological itch. But there exists a subset of less conventional merchandise that has gained a foothold among the more extreme fans—murderabilia… ~ Tom G. Wolf
READ: John Wayne Gacy and the Birth of the Murderabilia Industry | We Are the Mutants Do you enjoy true crime books and TV? Do you collect dark memorabilia? I’m not particularly into either, per se, but I do have a favorite true crime book. History buffs will love it, too: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It’s a double story that juxtaposes the architectural genius behind the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, along side America’s first serial killer to be pursued by the police. Our society possesses a morbid fascination with gruesome crimes. Is it a healthy outlet or terrible modelling?

Creepy Crimes

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