Authors Exercise the Imagination to See Various Trump Endings

Authors Exercise the Imagination to See Various Trump Endings

"The End"

For folks opposed to the 45th President, The New York Times offers a bit of recreational reading. It’s pure fiction from the minds of top spy and crime novelists, who will exercise your imagination for seeing Donald Trump’s end…

For folks opposed to the 45th President, The New York Times offers a bit of recreational reading. It’s pure fiction from the minds of top spy and crime novelists, who exercise the imagination to see various Donald Trump endings.

Our focus here at the Book Review is on books and stories, but also on how the books being written and read reflect the world outside of books. And one of the biggest stories out there, of course, is the Mueller investigation and the relationship between Trump and Putin. It’s hard not to speculate about what might happen next. To that end, we thought: Who better than some of today’s most talented spy and crime novelists — Joseph Finder, Laura Lippman, Jason Matthews, Zoë Sharp and Scott Turow — to conjure possible outcomes?

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Enjoy the creative, twisty-turns of these delicious passages, and please share with us which is your favorite.

On the other hand, if you have imagined your own fictional end-chapter for Trump, DO NOT TELL US. Write it on your blog and send us a link.

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  • It’s a complicated thing to figure out.

    I agree that many poor white people are looking to trump to save them through increasing white privilege which they insanely feel is acceptable. Most are low in intelligence so I see how they could fall for the con, but I’m not sure about them seeing him as a loser – unless you mean in a subconscious way. That sounds feasible. I think a lot of stupid people may actually believe he’s smart because his predatory behavior allows him to thrive financially in a capitalist society (and they obviously lack the ability to identify intelligence). He constantly talks about winning so I’ve assumed people actually believe he will “make America great again” – whatever they think that actually means. They seem to do much more feeling than thinking.

    You’re right about trump not getting enough love from daddy. I met a “man of the cloth” from Coney Island that knew Fred Trump well and he told me he was narcissistic and devoid of love in his heart. The rotten fruit didn’t fall far from the tree.

    You came up with a great idea – trump as “The Prince and the Pauper.” 😀 Someone should produce an animated short based on that. Maybe you can write your own version as a short story starring the Parasite-in-Chief.

      • I had mixed results. In Suffolk County I was hoping Perry Gershon would defeat GOP predator Lee Zeldin, but he lost by a few points. Sadly, people in Suffolk are deeply apathetic about politics because they’re too busy working to keep up with the high cost of living. If more people looked at the issues they’d see that Zeldin voted against the NY Dream Act, didn’t vote on gun control (gun control is big here) and, amazingly for NY, he voted against marriage equality. He’s definitely en extremist, yet he won in an area that doesn’t support extreme conservative views due to apathy and complacency.

        On a good note, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez won in the Bronx. If you don’t know much about her, look it up. You’ll love her.

        Also, the Democrats won back the NY State Assembly after losing it due to serious corruption. (As if the GOP is anything but corrupt) :)

      • Yes, Alexandria is awe-inspiring. She’s a strong, beautiful person elected to a political position. 😍 That’s an awesome thing to see. Maybe there is hope that humanity won’t blindly rush head first into extinction soon.

  • For his exit, I would opt for the one that forces him to squirm while he thinks hard about the long term damage to our country his brief tenure has caused. Ultimately, he sees himself a loser I hope in this scenario.

      • Sorry to be negative, but I think trump is too sick and twisted to give an honest account of his actions – even to himself. I’m serious. He truly is mentally and emotionally disturbed. Believe it or not, I think he gets something of a pass on this subject. Even many people who oppose him cut him an undue amount of slack because of his wealth and fame. He is delusional and narcissistic, possibly even a psychopath. He will always find a way to blame “others” for all of the problems he contributes to. If his circumstances were much different he’d be seen as the loser he is. Imagine him born into a poor black family with virtually no access to resources. He’d probably have been killed while committing a crime or be in prison serving a long sentence.

      • Wow. It would be interesting to have Trump cast in “The Prince and the Pauper.”

        I’ve always seen Trump’s arrogance as a symptom of his inferiority-complex. Confident people project competence onto other people; they don’t create a litany of scapegoats; they don’t categorize people as “winners” or “losers;” they don’t think about stuff like that. With Trump, he’s obsessed with his place in the world; it’s always falling out of his mouth. That’s a guy on shaky ground. Maybe Daddy didn’t love him enough.

        I used to wonder how anyone could fall for such an obvious bully, fake, con-man. I.e., would they actually purchase a used-car from this guy? Are they not capable of walking down the street without buying the Brooklyn Bridge? How do they manage to keep a job, or raise children without losing them?

        But my latest theory is that Trump supporters identify with the “loser” in him. They are losers who have lost the American Dream and the advantage of white privilege. Trump calls to them. Neither Trump, nor they, are self-reflective enough to figure it out.

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