An editorial…

I live in Florida.

My friends and I watched the 2018 Midterm Election results last night, with some disappointment. By 1:00am, everyone had gone home. I went outside, and listened to an audio book on my tablet while playing ‘Fishdom’ — but actually ruminated — until 6:00am.

I live in Florida.

So Close, Yet so Far

Progressive Andrew Gillum missed becoming Governor by one percentage point. The Governor Elect is a racist and hate-monger. Democratic Senator Bill Nelson lost his seat to infamous Medicaid fraud CEO, Rick Scott, current Governor of Florida, by one percentage point.

I live in Florida. I am heart-sick.

I figure Hillary Clinton may have cost Andrew and Bill a precious point or two. It was shocking to learn, just after influential progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders had endorsed and campaigned for Andrew Gillum, that Hillary Clinton was scheduled to do the same. Why??? I gave Gillum my vote, despite the weirdness, but had feared he would lose support. Who can say?

If Hillary didn’t handicap voter turnout, maybe election fraud is the culprit. Extremely close races; hackable voting machines; a little American interference. Who knows?

Mentally & Morally Challenged

A power plant with multiple smokestacks

A suitable metaphor for The Holy Spirit?

I live in Florida. Half the population is mentally and morally challenged.

Think I’m exaggerating? An example (other than mass-shootings)…

The last time I attended church was Pentecost Sunday, which celebrates The Holy Spirit. The pastor enhances his sermons with projection slides. An image of the beautiful, blazing, life-giving, purifying Sun was anticipated — as time-honored metaphor of The Holy Spirit. But not this year. Rather, the congregation was treated to a snapshot of a… power plant… with vaporous clouds billowing from the smokestacks.

It was a “first” in my personal experience; seeing a man of God avail himself of something man-made and polluting — no, poisonous — to illustrate the power of The Holy Spirit. Abominable. (Not to mention, a clumsy artifice.)

When did the United Methodist Church become a member of the Far-Right Christian conglomerate? It didn’t. But never-the-less…

Unprecedented. Crazy. In Florida.

Oh yes… Dems Regained the House. Barely.