Peace advocacy group CodePink is holding a “Peace with Iran Summit” in Washington D.C on December 1, 2018.

EVENT: “Peace with Iran Summit”
DATE: December 1, 2018
LOCATION: Washington, D.C.
WEBSITE: Summit on Peace with Iran

The purpose of the Iran Summit is to highlight the Trump administration’s hawkish policies on Iran that could lead us into another war, and examine how to reverse course. We will also have Iranian art, calligraphy, music, photo booth and other cultural activities… Here in the United States, the Trump administration is building a case for war. We’ve seen it all before with Iraq—high officials distorting information to push their own hawkish agenda that only inflicts pain on the people, not the government. The Summit will bring together experts and activists to examine ways we can support Iranian civil society, push the US media to do a better job covering this crisis, and pressure Congress for a “no sanctions, no war” agenda…

~ CodePink

CodePink hosting Peace with Iran Summit

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