People’s Convention for a Democracy-Driven Political Party

Sunday, August 30, 2020, 4:00 PM Eastern: Movement for a People’s Party hosts the People’s Convention. Be there (digitally), or be square. :-) Register now.

Big Money Causes Problems

The United States has many problems to solve. To name a few: racism, runaway inequality, public health issues, and the climate emergency. Experts have already thought of numerous solutions that can fix these maladies. Instead of wallowing in denial, we should be debating which solutions to implement — and how. But there’s a huge obstacle that blocks America from taking meaningful action to solve problems.

That obstacle is Big Money in politics. It creates conflicts of interest in the hearts and minds of our legislators. Big Money not only rewards OUR representatives for passing legislation that favors wealthy special interests, but it punishes elected officials who won’t go along with an anti-democratic, corporate-driven agenda.

It’s no secret that most Republican AND Democratic Congress Members accept Big Money campaign donations and Big Money favors. That’s how do-nothing politicians accumulate impressive wealth during office, and why they stay in office for decades.

If only we had a political party that nipped corruption in the bud — by refusing to accept Big Money donations and favors, by refusing to dance with Big Money billionaires and corporate overlords. Bernie Sanders hailed such a concept as “political revolution,” and proved it could be done! Both his presidential campaigns refused corporate money. He raised abundant campaign funding from millions of small donations given by real people (not corporate entities the Supreme Court declares are “people”).

Major New Party FREE of Big Money

It just so happens… Former National Political Outreach Coordinator for Bernie Sanders, Nick Brana, founded the Movement for a People’s Party shortly after Bernie lost the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, as a result of DNC machinations to rig the primary for Hillary Clinton.

At first, Brana called his new organization “Draft Bernie for a People’s Party.” He believed a new third party could be quickly and successfully launched if it had a well-known, dynamic, influential politician on the ticket. Brana hoped Bernie Sanders would run for President in 2020 under the new party’s banner. However, Bernie could not be lured in. (Sanders abhors the possibility of being a spoiler candidate.)

Eventually, the group’s name was adjusted to “Movement for a people’s party.” They’ve been plugging away for the last four years. They tell me they “prefer the term ‘major new party’ over ‘third party,’ as the latter validates the corporate duopoly.” Well, that just makes sense!

Now, Movement for a People’s Party takes party building to the next level. They’re holding a digital People’s Convention tomorrow, Sunday, August 30, 2020, at 4:00 PM Eastern. Register now. Participants will be able to vote on forming a major new political party that is FREE of Big Money and its corrupting influence. If you’re unable to participate, catch the People’s Convention on MPP’s YouTube Channel afterwards.

An opportunity to support a major new democracy-driven People’s Party.

The speaker line-up is amazing. It includes Nina Turner, Cornel West, Lee Camp, Chase Iron Eyes, Marianne Williamson, Gov. Jesse Ventura, Sen. Mike Gravel, former progressive candidates Isaiah James, Lauren Ashcroft, and Maebe A Girl, Tim Black, Chris Hedges, creative activist Eleanor Goldfield, my favorite peace activist Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, founder Nick Brana (of course!), and many more luminaries from the progressive justice movement.

Like I said, be there, or be square. :-) Register here.

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