A Great Documentary on the American Economy: Inequality for All

A Great Documentary on the American Economy: Inequality for All

The new documentary, Inequality for All, was released two weeks ago. I borrowed the DVD from Netflix and watched. My opinion? It’s fantastic!

Robert Reich is so engaging and easy-to-comprehend. In Inequality for All, he connects the dots between all the factors that are exacerbating the ever-widening riff between the rich and poor in America

Watch the official trailer:

Country with the Best Economy?

When asked which country gives the best example of a thriving economy, Reich answers: The U.S. – in the three decades after World War II. At that time, America enjoyed a Virtuous Economic Cycle where this happens:

  • Productivity grows
  • Wages Increase
  • Workers buy more
  • Companies hire more
  • Tax revenues increase
  • Government Invests more
  • Workers are better educated
  • Economy expands

Alas, key economic policies began changing in the 1980’s. The Virtuous Economic Cycle slowly faded away.


How did the U.S. slip away from an economy that was working really well? In his article, Why the Three Biggest Economic Lessons Were Forgotten (which is basically an excerpt from Inequality for All) Reich explains what happened.  The article is just a taste of the many clear-sighted insights found in Inequality for All.

To me, Inequality for All is great stuff! Share what you think in a comment.

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