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When I began a blog in 2013, I named it “Aware & Fair.” For the first time in my life, I seriously reflected on politics. (The “aware” part.) I determined to be objective. (The “fair” part.) I was learning, and didn’t write much commentary of my own; the blog consisted mainly of curated items from independent news media. Two huge problems loomed from the materials I studied: 1) Money in politics, and 2) Climate Change.

One afternoon, while contemplating our climate crisis, my emotional detachment cracked. I was stabbed by grief. Then, an idea slowly penetrated my brain: Write about Chester. The thought was a self-prescription for my own mental health — not a bailout from reality. You see, Chester knows exactly what’s going on, and he loves Bernie Sanders.

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The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government.

~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

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