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Welcome to “Progressive Graffiti” at JoAnnChateau.com. The site is essentially an information resource, a kind of directory for the Progressive Movement. When you read blog posts, you’ll find plenty of links to follow, which aim to direct inquiring readers to further explore, learn, ponder, and revel — in a zesty, open-minded, left-leaning lifestyle.

Your insights and suggestions are most welcome. Please share your “two cents” in the comments. If you see things from a completely different angle, all the better — nicely support your argument. We’re not afraid of ideas — they’re stimulating, and thinking is fun!

While you’re here, you may like to check out the following areas:



  • Activism – Whether you’re active in the streets or on social media, this special news feed will inspire (updated daily).
  • Culture – Suggested books, films, podcasts, etc. for your leisure time.
  • Events – Political, activist, and cultural events you want to remember.
  • Ethical Shopping – Current ideas and views on shopping with sustainability in mind (updated daily).
  • Go Vegan – Recipes and inspiration for vegans, and those moving in that direction (updated daily).

The Chester Chronicles

  • Canine News & Views – Canine correspondent, Chester, reports on current events from the doggo perspective.
  • Chester Stories – The author of this website writes fictional accounts about Chester and his friends. (He’s the muse!)

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