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Welcome to Progressive Graffiti. It’s an information website for people who want to keep up with today’s exciting Progressive Movement. A bit of dog literature is thrown in to massage the imagination and to provide some comic relief from our worldly cares.

When I began the blog in 2013, I called it Aware & Fair. For the first time in my life, I seriously reflected upon politics. (The “aware” part.) I determined to be objective. (The “fair” part.) As I learned about politics and activism, I curated works gleaned from independent news media — whatever I wanted to save and remember. Most of those posts have been deleted; the site’s current focus is on developing progressive resources. But two huge problems loomed from my earlier studies. 1) Money in politics, and 2) Climate Change.

One afternoon, while contemplating our climate crisis, my emotional detachment cracked. I was stabbed by grief. Then, it was like a voice in my head said: Write about Chester. I took it as a self-prescription for managing peace of mind. We all need to take care of ourselves, so we can continue demanding work, like saving democracy and the planet. Chester is my soothing balm. Maybe he can help you, too.

The original Chester was a small, scruffy, alpha dog. A sturdy Bichon mix. His mustache fur poked out in all directions. His front legs were shorter than his back legs, and the light shone through his long, untamed curls of fur, as though it radiated from his core. He was very cute as he swaggered  bounded about. When he trotted, the subtle up-and-down movement of his fur created an illusion that his feet didn’t touch the ground. Chester reminded me of the down-to-earth, rugged statesman Teddy Roosevelt. Chester was courageous, witty, idealistic, and wise. He is the inspiration behind The Chester Chronicles.

The fictional Chester is an exemplary Progressive, with a capital “P.” He’s concerned with the common good and wants everyone to be happy. He is especially fond of Bernie Sanders. I will be writing more about him.

Welcome to This is where dogs are considered people, instead of corporations.

…of the people, by the people, and for the people

~ Abraham Lincoln

60 thoughts on “About Progressive Graffiti

    1. Dear Tamara, congratulations on being tagged by “Cooks with a Smile.” Thank you very much for tagging my site for a similar honor. I’m going to take this seriously and pass it along (tag other foodie sites), just give me a day or two! Celebrate and have a great week! <3

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  2. It is a shame it seems we now live in an Angry Society that you can not “talk politics” without people fighting and arguing … WTF? Our Values that made “America The Beautiful” have l been long forgotten. That is why I shy away from talking about politics. But YOU are spot on that we need, as Bernie Sanders says: “We need to rise up and have a new Political Upheaval in this Country” and voters need to come from ALL walks of life. It is time to take our America back by Voters, not by reality stars, liars, and cheats.

    And why is it many GOP Senator’s say our climate is not changing? Becuase their pockets are being stuffed with $$$$$$$ from Big Oil, Coal, and Utility Companys that’s why … So that is my 2 cents worth, … now I’m Broke! LOL.

    Author & Columnist, Catherine Townsend-Lyon :-)

    1. Thank you for your input, Catherine. I guess we need a little more common ground in order to “talk Politics” without someone’s nose getting bent out of shape. The present degree of inequality and extremism sure make it hard. Keep up the good fight and the best with your writing endeavors!

  3. I know so little about US politics — and feel I should, given how huge an impact your nation has on the rest of the world — so I really appreciate your blog. Thanks for following ZimmerBitch BTW: much appreciated.

  4. I think we are all finally feeling and understanding the effect of Citizens United in our elections. I admit to not grasping the implications when first dedcided by the Supremes, but there is no denying its negative impact now.

    This is a great blog, btw and I am following. Thanks for stopping by mine.

    1. Thanks for your comment. Laurie, and the follow. So many are working hard at overturning Citizens United, surely we will succeed. I like your research blog, your insight and objectivity – am following you back!

  5. Your story is inspiring. It should be easy for many people to relate to and significantly raise awareness of what’s going on in the world today – if enough people read it. Thank you for caring enough to get involved. And, thanks for following my blog. I appreciate it.


  6. Hi joann, thanks for liking my comments on sue’s post…will keep peeping into your site as an additional window to issues of common concern in the US…best wishes… Raj.

  7. So good to meet you, and I love your passion as you woke up to the reality of Government and the Corporate World..
    I look forward to following you blog and learning new things you find as you unearth the corruption and injustices of this world..

    There might be lots of things wrong with the world.. But it really does my heart good to see more now awakening to the ‘Truth’ around them, and not blinding being dumbed down anymore…

    There are many now such people starting to open themselves up and see that the way we are going can not continue…
    Its also wonderful to know so many are reaching out via the ‘Web’ of life and finding each other..

    There is much good in this world.. But the media is used as a tool to spread only negativity into our homes, And is a branch of control..

    Many thanks for leaving me your comment and for following my own little world in Dreamwalkwer’s Sanctuary..
    Blessings Sue

    1. Thank you, Sue. I appreciate being part of your blogging community!

      I wonder if the climate crisis isn’t the reason more people are waking up. Provided we survive it, it would be amazing if the threat of climate change served to usher in global cooperation, world peace, a new economic system, and shared abundance.

      1. Before people usually pull together, we usually find they have to be catapulted into some sort of disaster.. So as far as see the world pulling together, it usually has to go through some sort of upheaval.. I just hope we wake up and start individually to realise there are many things we can do to help the climate change.. One us just by changing our consumer habits…
        Many Thanks for your reply JoAnn…. :-)

  8. Hey Hey there, thanks for stopping by my blog, checking my stuff out and dishing out a couple of likes in the process. I really like your site, your perspective and the writing voice with which you air it. Looking forward to more future communication on each others writings.

    Keep fightin’ the good fight!

  9. JoAnn, I appreciate reading that someone else out there is new at getting in touch with what is going on in the world. I’m finding out it’s never too late! :-)

  10. Hi Joann, thanks for visiting me. I’m so happy I found your blog. I don’t know much about American politics but am a keen advocate for social justice and grassroots action. I look forward to learning more. Also, I won’t mind reading your opinion pieces :) Chrissy x

    1. Likewise, Chrissy! I don’t write much opinion here, but thanks for the encouragement – maybe I’ll spew something out in 2015.

      Have a joyful Holiday Season and a blessed New Year!

  11. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and follow my blog – truly appreciate the support! Excited to see more of what you do – I’m intrigued by the concept and think it’s a great mission.

  12. That would be nice!

    Regarding WordPress… there are two of them…

    My site here is on .Com. It’s free (no hosting cost) and WordPress takes care of security, updates, and page speed. There are no plugins, and the themes are a bit limited. The BEST thing on .COM is the community. The WordPress.Com bloggers are generous in ‘Liking’ and ‘Following’ fellow bloggers.

    I have two sites hosted on WordPress.Org. There I pay for my own hosting, can use any free or premium theme, and can use any free or premium plugin to add functionality to my site (i.e., ecommerce, content sliders, newsletters, etc.) The BEST thing about .ORG is you can have a really beautiful and professional-looking site. But you must manage security, updates, and page speed issues.

    You might like to visit A lot of people find them helpful. :-)

  13. It’s quite inspirational to hear that there are, in fact, people out there who take the step from uninterested to actively following political developments and discovering that it really isn’t that great of a burden.

    Similarly, I was inspired by daily show/colbert report, and now have enough news apps on my phone where, if I have down time, I just pull one up and see what’s going on in the world. Anyways, good on you for starting this blog and encouraging others to do the same!

    1. Hi SinkingArk, thanks for your comment. Just read your ‘Reflections on an Infamous Dictatorship.’ What a great article. I wanted to ‘Like’ it and reblog it, but it looks like you are on WordPress.Org. I did leave a comment :-)

      (If you want, use Jetpack to add a WordPress ‘Like’ button and all your social network ‘Follow’ buttons.)

      I am delighted YOU are out there!

      1. Good deal. We’ll have to work together at some point.

        I’m still new to the blogging world – there’s a difference between WordPress and what I use?

  14. You’re doing a great job with this blog! Would you like to join the League of Bloggers? I’ve reblogged a few of your posts there. Please check it out and tell me what you think! If you don’t have much time to blog specifically for the League, I can reblog stuff for you, although I’m hoping you’ll get a chance at least once in awhile to blog on it. It’s at:


    1. Thank you – I would love to join the League of Bloggers!

      Please let me know how a League blogger submits a post. I will try to post something soon.

    2. Hi! I’m sending you an author invitation for the League blog– it will come in your email and will give you access to the author page of the League blog. I need your user name to send it- I tried JoAnn Chateau but it didn’t work. What’s your user name?

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