Animals Give Love and Deserve Love Right Back

I retweeted this @TweetChester, but don’t want my blog followers to miss out. I have onetwoonetwo… followers. (“Two” means a lot more from where “one” comes from.)

I know this for sure: animals feel love, respond to love, and give love. This short video from the Humane League proves it — and will make your day. Watch it! (((tail wag)))

But just remember: dogs are your very BEST friends. #FriendsNotFood #ChooseCompassion

Sharing Love with Animals

3 thoughts on “Animals Give Love and Deserve Love Right Back”

  1. In my many years on this planet I have learned to love and respect animals more than humans. (Seriously)

    I do not eat animals and hope more people learn to break their food addictions and break out of the barbaric mindset of implacable faith in everything we’re taught.

    Great post. Thank you.

    1. The other animals are much more accepting, forgiving, in the present. The more highly evolved (i.e., more peaceful) we become, the more we resemble them.

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