Bernie Sanders Suspends 2020 Presidential Campaign, Continues Fight for Justice

In a dignified and thoughtful address, Bernie Sanders told his supporters today that his 2020 presidential campaign is suspended. He spoke for about ten minutes. His words were selfless. He emphasized the continuing progressive justice movement. Only at the end, as he reflected on the beauty of the American people, did he come close to shedding a tear.

Bernie Sanders officially announces the suspension of his presidential campaign.

Though his campaign is suspended, Bernie will remain on the ballot. This allows him to accumulate as many delegates as possible, in order to impact policy negotiations at the DNC Convention in August.

I am not surprised by the news. But I am heartbroken. It’s very sad that our nation let THE politician-of-a-lifetime slip through its fingers… a second time.

Opinion: Bernie Sanders is too good for a wobbling U.S.A. Incorporated. Democratic voters opted for NO change. They WANT a President CEO to head the government. Easily impressed by business, money, and profit, these Democratic voters are blind to their own complicity in the escalating global climate emergency and an imminent economic collapse.

Facts: I’m relieved. I no longer need to worry about President Sanders getting assassinated. I’m confident. Bernie will continue building the anti-corruption justice movement for all Americans. (Whether they all appreciate it, or not.)

By virtue of a coalescing movement, Bernie Sanders will continue to guide the United States. He will do everything possible to steer our democracy through peril, and toward justice.

Admittedly, many people will still be ignorant of Bernie’s powerful political influence. After all, corporate TV supports the Elite Establishment, and isn’t going to tell their audience anything about class warfare or economic justice.

Yet I assure you, when Bernie Sanders operates under the media radar — that’s where he really gets things done. Whatever Democratic presidential candidates are anxious to promise American voters in 2024, it’ll be thanks to Bernie’s ongoing, untelevised, grassroots activism.


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